Cyrus Chestnut

Pianist, Composer, Band Leader, Educator

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What They’re Saying

“A wildly imaginative improviser whose solos are
free-associative delights, full of dark 
and swinging riffs,
rumbling low notes, and splatters of upper register tickles.”

– New York Times 

Chestnut showed what pervasive spontaneity and deep swing rhythm are all about. Chestnut made spirits soar

– Chicago Tribune 

Graced with the robust technique of a premier concert hall pianist, Cyrus Chestnut is totally absorbed in exploring and celebrating the seemingly unlimited sonic potential of his grand instrument, using its keyboard and pedals to generate resonant, thickly-textured, amazingly agile, nuanced orchestral effects.

– Owen McNally, WNPR

“The show was absolutely fantastic.
I talked to dozens of people who were floored by the show”

– Cory Weeds, Vancouver Jazz Fest

“Cyrus’ gig in Victoria was fantastic.
The audience loved it! Long overdue…”

– Victoria Jazz Festival